Indianapolis Indians Game


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Favorite Photos of 2011

I shot about 6400 photos in 2011. It was tuff narrowing down the photos to the best ones I liked. I think I have picked the two of the best that I took over the last year.

As we enter 2012 I hope I can continue to improve my photography and getting to know my camera gear better.

What's over there?
What’s over there?


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Daughters 2nd Birthday

Riley's CakeBlow out the CandlesIt's Mickey MouseHow do I lookThis icing is good.

Daughters 2nd Birthday, a set on Flickr.

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Harry Potter at Universal Studios

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Mexico – March 2011

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Modified version of original post written by Josef Oehmen (via MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub (

Very good read.

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via MIT NSE Nuclear Information Hub (

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Happy New Year! First day of Project 365

I am going to try and improve my photography skills over the next year. I have decided to help this by doing the 365 day project. Which I hope by having to take a photo everyday this year will train me to have a better “eye” for the shot. So this first one is just a quick shot of my desk here where I will be doing most of the uploading. Hope everyone will enjoy this journey that I am about to embark on. If you have any suggestion for me let me know.



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Hub for my Digtial Life.

This is going to be where everything for my digital life starts. I want to be able to control and own my content. So I am going to start everything here and then push out to all the other sites.

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